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The Simple, Free, Barkworthy Telemedicine Solution for Dogs

Asynchronous 🐶 Smell-o-vision

Dogs “see” the world through their nose—so much so that 40 times more of their brains are dedicated to sensing olfactory hues that hoomans can only dream about.’s proprietary smell-o-vision technology is the most advanced way for doggos to sniff and share smells over the internet.


Prescribe 🦴 Bones & Biscuits

By partnering with online bone dispensaries, makes it easier than ever for dogtors to prescribe medicinal bones and cookies.

Play 🥎 Virtual Fetch

What dog problem can’t be fixed with a good game of fetch? Now your doggos can meet the dogtor to play a round of virtual fetch using’s virtual ball and stick plugin.


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In the spirit of April’s National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, we are fundraising for the Community Animal Welfare Society, CAWS, Utah’s oldest animal rescue group as well as offering free access to Professional to non-profit animal shelters and welfare organizations.

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We’re inviting non-profit animal shelters and welfare organizations to use’s robust video conferencing technology for anything from virtual pet adoption calls to day-to-day remote meetings. Click below to learn how to qualify for a free year of Professional.

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